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Fabregas: 'I have never enjoyed a football match more than the first half today'

Tom Dulat/Getty Images

Surely, it must take a lot to make Cesc Fàbregas giddy about his team's level of play.  This is a man practically born in La Masia, then groomed and polished under pass* master Arsène Wenger.  He's played starring roles at Barcelona, Arsenal, and the Spanish national team, three of the most commonly brought up examples of beauty in the beautiful game.

* and past

Fàbregas has surely seen first-hand some of the most scintillating footballing displays (to most observers) in recent memory.  So when he rates Chelsea's first half football as the most enjoyable he's ever played, you know it's been a decent match.

Speaking at the end of the Chelsea highlights on BBC's Match of the Day -- before Gary Lineker's mustachioed face came back on to haunt humanity's dreams -- Fàbregas prefaced that quote with "I don't think I'm exaggerating" while also judging our football as "amazing, amazing."  Indeed.

With one of his roughly 7 billion completed passes on Saturday, Fàbregas found Eden Hazard wide open in the box to collect his 10th assist in 12 games.  No one else in the Premier League has more than 7.  Amazing, indeed.

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