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Mourinho hails 'brilliant, beautiful' Chelsea

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

It takes a lot to make Jose Mourinho giddy about his team's level of play. The man has managed champions in four different leagues and has lifted the European Cup twice. He's both difficult to impress and more than happy to find flaws in his teams performances, so when he calls Chelsea's performance 'brilliant' and 'beautiful' you know it's been a decent match:

The first half was brilliant, beautiful. The quality of our football was high, another dimension. We were playing so well, so fast and fluid. We made the pitch wide, creating spaces to play. We scored two goals and should have scored more than that, it was fantastic.

In the second half it was different; we decreased the intensity of our ball circulation and made it easier for them to occupy the spaces. I also have to say they did very well, they made the decision to be very well organised defensively, compact with two lines, leaving one player up, and they got a result which I think gives them stability and confidence.


For me this was the most comfortable league match we played all season. The game was over by the 30th minute, and the rest was essentially icing on an already-delicious three points. Sure, it would have been nice if we'd dropped another three or four goals on the Baggies, but when you look at pretty much every match we've played since the international break, they've been rife with stress no matter the opponent.

This time we got what was essentially a nice Saturday stroll through the Garden of Happiness, with the only slightly worrying interlude coming when a crazy Argentinian attempted to maul Diego Costa. Chelsea were brilliant and Chelsea were beautiful. More of this, please.

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