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Chelsea 2-0 WBA: Initial reaction and community player ratings form

Tom Dulat/Getty Images

Well that was pretty easy. Two first-half goals and a red card to Claudio Yacub meant that Chelsea could cruise to the points against West Bromwich Albion, and that's exactly what they did, spending the entire second half racking up the pass completion numbers and waiting for full time.

Bullet points:

  • From the first minute, this was a story of total control. The visitors could never hold onto the ball, and when Chelsea were in possession they simply slowly turned the screw. The goals came as no surprise whatsoever -- there was virtually no defending to do at all, and Thibaut Courtois was essentially a spectator.
  • Despite the Blues' performance and the result, the man of the match was probably Baggies keeper Ben Foster, who single-handedly prevented the scoreline from ballooning into something legendary. His stop from John Terry's flick in the early going could easily have set the tone, but fortunately not even a very good keeper having the game of his life could stop Chelsea from scoring here.
  • Everyone else on West Brom did nothing. The corner defending was particularly hilarious.
  • I'm not sure what happened with the Yacub red card, which completely killed the idea that there was a game here. Sure, he didn't actually jump into Diego Costa with two feet -- his lunge planted him directly in front of the striker -- but it might have been that the tackling was so bad he deserved a sending off for being a wally anyway.

    Honestly, it probably wouldn't have made a difference had he stayed on.
  • A relaxing game was just what the doctor ordered after the international break. Get the points, play well, keep energy levels high. Keep the momentum going, because we've got a lot of work to do yet.

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