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Arsenal great's response to Cech rumours sums up everything wrong with the Gunners

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For Chelsea fans, the prospect of selling Petr Cech to Arsenal must surely send eyebrows rising to Ancelottian heights. Although the Czech now finds himself behind the pecking order to Thibaut Courtois at Stamford Bridge, he's still one of the world's great goalkeepers, and a Gunners side in need of quality players could desperately use him to help stabilize their back line.

After all, it's not like anyone could seriously think that Wojciech Szczesny, no matter how young, would be a better option than Pet ... oh wait this is Arsenal:

I think it would be unwise to go for somebody who, even such a great name as Cech has, is at the end of his career, instead of somebody who is continuing to improve like Szczesny. I would find that a really strange decision.

I mean, obviously if you had a much younger goalkeeper, say like Southampton’s Fraser Forster, which I thought was one of the best signings of the close season, that is a totally different kettle of fish.

-Former Gunners keeper Bob Wilson. Source: Sky Sports.

Petr Cech is a better goalkeeper that Wojciech Szczesny right now. One would assume he'll actually be a better goalkeeper than Szczesny for several years after he's retired. Only Arsenal would look at a massive upgrade over a promising-though-mediocre 24-year-old and think it's not worth it because it would have an impact on the incumbent's wild staggerings towards slightly better mediocrity.

This isn't even win later over win now -- Cech could still play at the top level for a long time yet. It's not an issue of penny-pinching -- the rumored price is very low, even including Cech's wages. Instead, Wilson's quotes are the natural byproduct of dreaming on youth for so long and expecting them, beyond all rationality, to become another generation of heroes. And there's a lesson in that. Arsenal are lost to this disease of the mind. Don't follow in their footsteps.

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