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Oscar talks about his goal, praises Cesc Fabregas

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Everyone's talking about Oscar's goal from yesterday, and rightly so. Shots with the outside of the boot are always a joy, and this one was taken on the run, bent past both Richard Dunne and Rob Green and thwacked off the far post before giving Chelsea a 1-0 lead. Blues fans could probably spend hours watching the vine on repeat (I know I'm tempted).

But what does Oscar have to say about it? In typical modest fashion, he's spending more time talking about the assist than the goal:

Cesc gave a beautiful pass to me. It was perfect for shooting and when the ball came I decided now, I need to shoot. I don’t know if it is my best goal, I need to see it again, but it was a nice goal.

Cesc helps the team so much. Not just with the assists but in a game he helps everyone, with beautiful passes like the one for me in this game. He has come in this year and played so well and I like playing together with him.


Cesc Fabregas is, right now, serving as the glue that keeps the attacking players together. His ability to find people in dangerous spaces is unparalleled, and now that he's reined in some of his more suicidal off-ball impulses, he's really doing some great things for the club. But ... come on, Oscar, take a little bit of credit here. That goal was outstanding!

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