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The Daily Hilario: Cats rubbing against rubber

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

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The fear of cats is called ailurophobia.  And now you know.


Went to see this great movie again.  Still not in IMAX.  Maybe that'll happen for the third viewing.  On a related note, the OST is officially out.  Missing a couple important cues however, amongst a few other issues.  One intrepid Redditor has recreated the docking cue out of existing material; Zimmer has said he will release it for free.  It's easily one of his best ever.

Anyway, I was trying to have a conversation with friends afterwards, but most of them (seeing as how they're my friends) had a rather surprising ultra-negative reaction to it, especially the ending.  Alas.  That being said, here are two fantastic bits of material regarding the movie.  One, Wired is doing a five-part interview with Chris Nolan and Kip Thorne.  Part 1 is live, part 2 comes tomorrow.

Two, here's Neil deGrasse Tyson on one aspect of the ending.  Spoilers, obviously, so don't click play if you haven't seen the movie yet.

On a related note, everyone should read "Flatland."

FOOTBALL (all times GMT):
14.00:  2015 ACN Qualifying:  Ivory Coast vs. Cameroon
16.00:  2015 ACN Qualifying:  Ghana vs. Togo
17.00:  2015 ACN Qualifying:  Nigeria vs. South Africa
18.00:  2015 ACN Qualifying:  Burkina Faso vs. Angola
19.00:  2015 ACN Qualifying:  Tunisia vs. Egypt
19.45:  FA Cup, 1st Round Replay:  Aldershot Town vs. Portsmouth

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