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Ronaldo: Chelsea the place to be for young talents

Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

No, not that one. The older one.

Brazil legend Ronaldo was at the hippodrome in London on Tuesday to participate in PokerStars' The Duel with Rafael Nadal, with the winner getting £50,000 to go to the charity of their choice (Nadal claimed the money which went to the Rafael Nadal foundation). Fortunately for us, the former striker hung around for some questions, and Chelsea, stuffed to the gills with Selecao talent were a natural topic of conversation. What does Ronaldo think of young Brazilians heading to the Premier League and Stamford Bridge?

Yes, the Premier League is the right place because of the nature of the football in England which involves a lot of goals and attacking, forward football. Especially the players under the coaching of Jose Mourinho, they have a lot of potential due to the nature of Mourinho as a coach, so I definitely think the Premier League is the place to be for these young talents.

There aren't really many better endorsements than that. Always thought he was the superior Ronaldo, myself.

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