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Courtois developing his leadership skills

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Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Thibaut Courtois isn't just a source of funny stories about Kevin de Bruyne and great saves -- the young goalkeeper is adding some serious leadership to his game as well. In the aftermath of Belgium's 3-1 win against Iceland last week, the 22-year-old tore into his defence for a ragged performance, which is exactly what I want to hear. Courtois is a smart young man, and he needs to be organising and leading his defenders on and off the pitch.

And he's in a very good position to further develop his leadership skills. When asked (and I don't know by whom) whether or not he'd take the same sort of approach with club as he does with country, the answer is telling:

Yes maybe that happens. But there are also other guys who can say something. Just to say some names, Terry or Drogba, they have experience and leadership. I just said it (his Belgium criticism) as I thought that we should be better.

-Source: Mail.

This is why Didier Drogba's back on the team, and this is why John Terry is so important. If Courtois really is a future leader of this team, it's vital that he sees how the old core of the team operates. I doubt that Courtois is captain material because I'm prejudiced against goalkeepers, but he'll definitely need to command a certain level of respect in the dressing room, and he's learning from the best right now.