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What would YOU do if you had one just one day to spend with Jose Mourinho?

And not just one day anywhere, one day in Paradise.

Sadly, this is not a promotion to watch Chelsea at the Garden of Eden (Hazard) standing by Mourinho's side on the touchline.  Which obviously would be amazing, to say the least.

It turns out that back June, Jose Mourinho replaced Robert De Niro (also random) as the "brand ambassador" for South Korean casino chain Paradise.  They just spent £1 billion on their newest facility in Incheon; I wonder what's Mourinho's cut.

Since casinos deal with the promise of untold riches and various other fantasies, here's a question for you to ponder as we slowly while away the time during this international break.  What would you do, if you had one just one day to spend with Jose Mourinho?  Let's assume he'd be a willing participant in just about anything not illegal.

Would you pick his brain for 24 hours straight to try to learn everything that's in there, including his deepest, most secretive secrets?  Would you poke him in the eye as admonishment for all those times he'd been a doodyhead, especially back before his current, more mellow "Happy One" iteration?  Would you parade him around your hometown as your bestest friend?  Would you see if you could beat him at Football Manager 2015?

Choose wisely.

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