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Del Bosque threatens to drop Chelsea pair recovering from injury

David Ramos/Getty Images

Vincente Del Bosque clearly isn't content with the decisions of Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas to heal up over the international break, instead of letting themselves be run into the ground in meaningless friendlies and less than competitive qualifiers. With that in mind, he fired a little warning shot at the Chelsea pair today:

"It may happen that when Diego Costa and Cesc return, they have a player to take their place; it is not a threat, it is a reality."

"All players want to come to the selection. My responsibility has always been the pursuit of normality and finding the best for our football."

Dropping Diego Costa, you say? And then replacing him with who?  Pedro? Roberto Soldado? Alvaro Morata? Fernando Torres? When you have one decent option at center forward available, only an idiot would consider dropping that player in favor of options like those listed above.

Fabregas might actually have a little more to worry about, as Spain has a fair amount of midfield talent available. That said, Santi Cazorla started for Del Bosque in their last qualifier, so it's hard to imagine that one of the Premier League's in-form players would be under any threat of losing a place under any somewhat competent manager.

Don't try to out-Mourinho Jose,'re just not very good at it.

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