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Sergio Ramos accuses Chelsea pair of lacking commitment, then tries to pretend he doesn't

David Ramos/Getty Images

Spain breaking Diego Costa for a couple of weeks has unleashed a low-grade cold war between Chelsea and the national team. Jose Mourinho has accused the Spanish Football Federation for not paying attention to the players' health, and they have responded in kind by accusing said players of shirking their (apparently mandatory) international duties in favour of the club.

And now Sergio Ramos has stuck his supremely ugly face into the mix:

It’s difficult because this is not a club team but the national team where you do not come every day. Laying out rules is difficult. But above all I would have liked the players to show the same commitment to the national team as they do to their club.

You must show this commitment and spirit to all the new players. There are times I have played despite having some niggles. It all depends on the DNA of the player. I wish players had same the level of commitment with the national team as with their clubs.

Source: Mail.

That Ramos said all of this is hardly surprising, because Ramos has always struck me as a grade-A moron. His no-so-subtle attack on Fabregas and Costa turned into a not-so-graceful walkback, presumably when he realised he didn't want to get shanked by a fully-fit Costa the next time they met up:

When I spoke about commitment I did not want to say that those two did not have it.

Go boil your head, Sergio. The cowardly retreat might actually make the first set of quotes worse.

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