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Report: Chelsea expect Fabregas back for West Bromwich Albion game next weekend

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

What's the trust-o-meter reading on the Daily Mail's injury reports department nowadays?  Lack of Neil Ashton byline surely knocks it down a couple notches, and that's before we get to the part where they boldly claimed that Diego Costa would be back for the Manchester United game.

With that in mind, here's their latest on Cesc Fàbregas and his over-tomographed, irradiated, frequent flier miles-collecting hamstring:

Chelsea expect Cesc Fabregas to be available for Jose Mourinho's team next week after scans showed no serious damage to his hamstrings.

No tears of muscle damage was evident on his scans and Chelsea's medical team believe a few days' rest and treatment will solve the problem.

-source: Mail

It's not clear what scans they're referring to.  We already knew the Spanish doctors' findings and drew similar hopeful conclusions a couple days ago in light of their MRI showing no tear in the muscle.  If that's all the Mail are doing as well, then it's all just guesswork.  On the other hand, if Chelsea did yet another scan that showed even further improvement, then we can truly start getting hopeful that Cesc will be back for next weekend.

There's also a chance of course that, with four fairly tough games coming afterwards (three away from home, even), we'll play it safe and rest him for WBA regardless.  Even if the main motivation behind his summer purchase was so that we could consistently control possession and dominate games against the "smaller" teams.

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