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Happy synergy: Petr Cech not seeking January move, Chelsea not looking to sell

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If the sheer volume of rumors picking up in the Twittersphere and across the back pages of tabloids are any indication, the transfer window will be opening in about 4 seconds.  So let's check in with the only world class goalkeeper in the world at club level who's backing up another world class goalkeeper.  Surely he, of any and all Chelsea players, might have the most actual reason for wanting to move on in January.

"Případný přestup do jiného týmu neřeším."

-Petr Čech

My Czech skills were never all that great, but unless they've become supremely terrible, that basically says that Čech isn't looking for any move to any team.  He is of course hoping to play more, but for now he's concentrating on staying ready and at the top of his game, to be able to step in at a moment's notice whenever it's needed (an example of which we already saw against Arsenal).

"Hypoteticky můžu odejít jen v případě, že mě klub nechá jít. A tohle ten případ není, takže je zbytečné se o tom bavit. Vím, jaká je pozice mého klubu, takže proto ani o odchodu nepřemýšlím. Ani nemůžu. Vím, že mě nikdo nikam nepustí. Jako hráč se smlouvou nemůžu změnit přání klubu."

-Petr Čech

This is the part of the original Czech interview that English tabloids are running with, conveniently dropping the "hypothetically" part from the very beginning.  What Čech points out helpfully is that even if, hypothetically, he wanted to leave, the final decision would rest with the club.  Not that it matters because he knows the position of the club and he's thus not thinking about leaving.  And even if he did, he couldn't because of the two-years remaining on the contract.  Not that it matters, because Chelsea won't and wouldn't let him go.  And round and round we go.

While the legendary goalkeeper has been linked with the likes of Real Madrid, AS Monaco, and PSG since the summer return of Thibaut Courtois, and he himself has flip-flopped between promises of staying at Chelsea and threats to leave Chelsea, for now it appears that the status quo shall remain and we shall continue to boast the best goalkeeping depth in all the land.

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