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Nathan Ake is happy at Chelsea, and will remain with the first team for the remainder of the season

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Nathan Ake has now made several appearances with the Chelsea first team this season, and has done enough that many fans would like to see a bit more of the young Dutchman. The Dutch media is carrying some quotes today from Ake, where he discusses his current situation at Chelsea*:

It has clearly been indicated that I won't be sent out on loan, and I am happy about how it's going at Chelsea this season, I've already played a few games and I feel that I'm getting closer. If I go out on loan, I'll be further away [from making the first team].

I've had a conversation with Mourinho recently. He said he was satisfied. I have to continue like this and then there will be more chances.

I feel that I'm improving. I can play 90-minute games at the highest level. The goal of the season is to play as much in the first team. To gain experience. That was the goal last season too, but I am still young. I'm not like: 'I have to start'. I have to quietly grow towards that and make sure the manager can no longer 'go around me'.

*A big thank you to @TheWSNetwork for translating these for us, as Google Translate was struggling to turn them into anything sensible

Going forward, players like Ake who qualify as both homegrown and club trained will be extremely valuable to the club. While the Blues will likely produce a star or two from their academy in the next 20 years, the vast majority or the help they receive will be affordable depth to help supplement stars brought in from elsewhere. It's always possible that Ake turns into a star player, but just becoming a reliable contributor would be a very welcome sight. Based on his early showings, that now appears to be his floor.

With any luck, Chelsea will wrap up their group in their next Champions League match, giving Ake a start at Stamford Bridge in the final group stage game against Sporting Lisbon. It's also nice to see Ake saying all the right things about biding his time and earning minutes in training, after several of Chelsea's top prospects in the past year have departed for guaranteed minutes at less competitive clubs.

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