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Willian: 'I’ll be a lot happier if I am scoring more goals'

Willian talks goals, training, and life in London in the latest issue of Chelsea Magazine.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

One of the disadvantages of living on the other side of the pond is that the hard copy of the Chelsea Magazine takes its sweet time in reaching me, no doubt traveling by slow boat, probably going all the way around Cape Horn.  Which means that I won't get to see Willian's positive afro show up in my mailbox for a few more weeks.

Fortunately, the Internet waits for no slow boat and the juicy, fluffy bits of Willian's big lead interview have already been reported, re-posted, and Twitter'd twice over.  So much wonderful technology, it could inspire Bob Thiele to write a sequel!  (Probably not.)

"I'm always looking to improve every part of my game because I can never stop for one second and think that I am good enough and that I don't need to try and improve.  So, every training session I am trying to make sure I'm a better player."

"One thing I have in my mind is to score more goals - I am desperate to get on the scoresheet more often. Sometimes the situation of the game means I am not able to get into the right positions, but it's one thing that is definitely at the back of my mind."

"Mr Mourinho has told me this before. He knows, and I know, that I should get more goals. I'm very happy with my all round game and my form so far this season, but I'll be a lot happier if I am scoring more goals. That would be good for the team as well."

-Willian; source: Independent

Good for the team, probably not good for the lion population around London.  It's a pricey trade-off, but what are those lions doing in England in the first place?  Haven't they learned their lesson from Stamford?

So, goals, goals, goals.  Willian knows.  Mourinho knows.  You know.  I know.  We know.  Though, I couldn't care less about his goal totals if he managed to pick a final ball a bit more consistently.  Having firmly established himself behind Hazard and Oscar in the attacking midfielder pecking order -- minus the odd Mourinho foray into head-scratchery with Ramires on the right wing -- Willian's already played a key role in our excellent start to the season.  While he may be aiming for drastic (and highly visible) improvement, and Mourinho may be egging him on to do the same, I'd be perfectly happy with just that minor bit of consistency in the final third.

Do that, and we may yet extend our unbeaten streak a good bit further.  And then we can all just concentrate on the good vibes.

"I admit that I've always been a bit shy.  That's my character - I'm a shy guy - but when I'm with the guys here, I like to play games and joke around, especially with the other Brazilians."

"I'm feeling my vibe. I try to be happy at all times. I like to smile a lot and I always try to be happy, joking around and stuff."

-Willian; source: Mail

Mr. Positive Afro goes on to talk about winters in Ukraine and growing up in Brazil.  I could buy/download a digital copy of course, but I think I'll just wait for the glossy pages.  It's more fun that way.

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