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Mourinho: We didn't play well against QPR

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

I don't think there's a single Chelsea fan who was completely impressed by the win against Queens Park Rangers today. Yes, the points are great -- another 28 unconvincing 2-1 wins will do us all nicely, I think -- but with the blow we suffered against Manchester United fresh in our memory failing to kill yet another match off was more than a little annoying.

Predictably, the manager wasn't exactly thrilled with the match. The result? Sure. The performance: not so much. Here's Jose Mourinho:

My team didn’t play well enough, or as well as I was expecting. We had periods of good football but not consistently. I’m happy with the points, which I felt we deserved, but it’s another thing to deserve it and play very well, which we didn’t.

Even in the first half we weren’t terrific. We had a period that ended with the first goal, and then a period which started with their goal and finished, not with our second goal, but Green making two or three saves which kept them in the game.

It was 15 minutes here, 15 minutes there, we were playing against a very well organised defensive team ... It was fantastic work by Harry to organise them defensively and they gave us a difficult match, but with our quality I would expect us to be stronger.


Fifteen minutes here and there was enough to beat QPR, who aren't very good, but Liverpool* at Anfield will be a different matter entirely. I'm not sure whether the last few matches being so bleh is down to -- it could be motivation, it could be something tactical -- but whatever it is it's for Mourinho to fix. So fix it!

*Ok, they're not very good this season either, but you take my point.

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