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Ipswich washout slams Mourinho after having feelings hurt

Laurence Griffiths

So. Roy Keane. He has a new book out, and talking about it is all the rage. But while his book is the reason we're writing about him today, we're not writing about his book, or even what he's said in it (some of which looks fairly amusing). No, the subject of the discussion, naturally, is Jose Mourinho.

Aston Villa and Ireland's assistant manager has used his book launch to complain about the Portuguese's behaviour at Stamford Bridge a few weeks back:

The game was still going on. It’s disgraceful. I’ve seen him doing it to other managers, it is a disgrace. You wouldn’t do that on a Sunday morning, you would get knocked out.

Source: Mail.

Keane, of course, would know all about both good behaviour and good managing, being basically the poster boy for their inverses at Sunderland and Ipswich. Turns out that being a psychopath is fine when you're on the pitch but not so good after you've hung up your boots.

And no, I don't really care. I just badly wanted to write that headline.

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