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Cech sends club playing time warning

Richard Heathcote

Is Petr Cech happy with losing his starting spot to Thibaut Courtois? No, of course he isn't -- no footballer with any ambition whatsoever wants to be playing, and even the hero of Munich knows that there's more for him to achieve in the game. So we shouldn't expect him to be sitting quietly while a man ten years his junior takes his job. Nor is he:

I have not spoken to anyone, but I think they know me well enough at the club (Chelsea) to know that the situation is definitely not the way I would imagine. With the Euros (in 2016) and the national team in mind, there is no time for me to sit on the bench and not to play. If the situation will not start to improve for me, then I will want to solve it.

-Source: Mail.

Courtois has settled in nicely as Chelsea's number one keeper, although having Cech around has already borne significant fruit. Not many teams can absorb an injury to their goalkeeper in a match and remain world class, after all. But the current situation is inherently unstable, and I'd expect Cech's departure to be a major storyline in January.

Now I'm trying not to be sad.

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