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Terry: the race is far from over

Shaun Botterill

November is coming. Chelsea might be in first place at the moment, but they only have two more Premier League matches until we get to the point in the season at which we've been faltering for the better part of a decade. It's the month in which comfortable leads evaporate, not just in games but in the table, and no matter how good our start to the season has been we shouldn't and won't get too excited until we navigate the autumn without looking like a bunch of idiots.

Fortunately John Terry's not getting carried away either:

Clearly it’s not over. Other teams have been in that position before. It’s nice to have the lead, but when you’re at the top everyone wants to shoot you down, from top to bottom. That’s the good thing about the Premier League and why everyone loves it. Teams are out to get us because we are at the top and playing well at the moment. The international break has come and we need to come back and maintain our form after that as well. It’s very important we do that.

-Source: Guardian.

Chelsea clearly have one of the two best squads in the country, and they have an early five-point cushion on their only serious rivals. That's great. But complacency cannot be allowed to set in, and it's good to see that the captain is on the right page. Then again, who'd have expected anything different?

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