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Fabregas: Eden Hazard is Chelsea's answer to Messi

Clive Rose

Hyperbole? Of course, and pretty silly hyperbole at that. But it's no surprise to see Eden Hazard compared to Lionel Messi by one of the few players with close ties to both: summer signing Cesc Fabregas:

Hazard has that incredible ability to unsettle the opposition. He is the link between midfield and attack for us; he is our Messi because he makes the difference.

-Source: Radio Cope via Mail.

Hazard has a few dozen mountains left to scale before he reaches the heights Messi has attained, but the point is well taken. Opponents -- at least the competent ones -- come at Chelsea with organised defences, and Hazard's job, which he does better than any other player in the Premier League, is to disorganise them, charging through players while they flail like maniacs. Once the defence is in panic mode, it's easier for everyone else to do their jobs. Small wonder, then, that Fabregas is so appreciative of his contributions.

Now how about taking a page out of Messi's book of finishing, Eden? It won't hurt. Promise.

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