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Five Chelsea matches rescheduled for TV

Michael Regan

Our television overlords are at it again. Unsatisfied with merely giving the Premier League (and, by extension, Chelsea), [fun]tonnes of money, they also seem to want to get something out of the deal. And since the Blues are a big draw, we're getting a few matches moved around to accommodate our audiovisual sugar-daddies. Here's the list (all times GMT):

Newcastle away: from 3:00 pm, Saturday Dec. 6 to 12:45 pm, Saturday Dec. 6 -- BT Sport
Stoke City away: from 3:00 pm, Saturday Dec. 20 to 8:00 pm, Monday Dec. 22 -- Sky Sports
West Ham United home: from 3:00 pm, Friday Dec. 26 to 12:45 pm, Friday Dec 26 -- Sky Sports
Southampton away: from 3:00 pm, Sunday Dec. 28 to 2:05 pm, Sunday Dec. 28 -- Sky Sports
Tottenham Hotspur away: from 3:00 pm Thursday Jan 1 to 5:30 pm, Thursday Jan 1 -- BT Sport

The change to make the Stoke match a midweek game is annoying on several levels. First of all, it means less rest for West Ham (which itself is only two days ahead of a trip to Southampton). Second, it means that the travelling fans are a bit screwed. A trip to Stoke on a Monday night? Yikes.

Guess we know who to blame, though. Thanks, Sky. And yes, we will take your money.

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