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The FA will not punish Arsene Wenger for shoving Jose Mourinho


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Paul Gilham

Via Sky Sports:

Arsene Wenger will not face punishment for shoving Jose Mourinho during Arsenal's game at Chelsea on Sunday. [...] The Arsenal manager pushed Mourinho, later claiming the Chelsea boss had prevented him getting "from A to B".

Both men were warned at the time by referee Martin Atkinson and, under Football Association rules, that meant any further action was always unlikely.

"Point B" was of course on the pitch, where managers aren't allowed, technically, but let's not worry too much about technicalities.  It's not like they matter anyway.

Here's a thought exercise.  Say we reverse the roles, and it's Jose Mourinho (or, say, Alan Pardew) who puts both hands on Wenger's chest and shoves him (however meekly), just how many games do you think he would've gotten here?  Three?  Four?  Ten?  Perhaps with a public flogging or two?

But not teflon Wenger, who once escaped a 12-match ban for manhandling a match official in the tunnel.  And considering that it was Mourinho who was on the receiving end, we should probably be grateful that the FA didn't end up charging Mourinho instead.

Mind you, the Arsenal manager received a fine and a one-match ban for a "sarcastic pat on the back" of the fourth official in 2010.  It's good to know that the FA considers a light tap on the back a far harsher offense than physically confronting the opposing manager in his own technical area.

Once again, well played, FA.  Well played, indeed.

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