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Very important individual Eden Hazard highlights from a 'very important' day

It's always a bit annoying when these videos cut the top and bottom portions of the screen off, especially so when the highlights are of twinkle-toed players like Eden Hazard. Still, it's a beautiful thing, another game-changing performance from the 23-year-old, and one from which not even the ultra-wide aspect ratio can take away anything.

The only things missing from the video are some closeups of Arsenal right back Calum Chambers' eyes and face while Hazard was on the ball. Possibly with dramatic zooms and the Kill Bill (i.e Quincy Jones) Ironside siren in the background.

After the top class performance on the pitch, Hazard also gave a top class interview to Chelsea TV's Neil Barnett.

Always my friend, always.

Eden did come under a bit of (drama-free) criticism after a lackluster day out against Aston Villa last weekend, but he more than made up for that yesterday. The Boss agrees.

"I liked his performance very much. To be fair in these matches you need one of your top players to take some magic cards out of his pocket and he did it when it was 0-0, when the game was tight. He did an action that could finish the game if it was a penalty and red card, and not a penalty and a yellow card. That would have been game over."

"On top of that he scored the penalty and he had one or two more opportunities. His defensive work was really good, keeping the ball when we needed it. It was a very complete performance from him."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Chelsea FC

Music, of the non-siren-wailing variety, to my ears.

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