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Wenger: Arsenal won't change tactics for Chelsea

Paul Gilham

One of these days, Arsenal are going to play pragmatic football when they have to, and on that day they'll suddenly become serious title challengers once more. Goodness knows why they haven't already done it -- Arsene Wenger surely can't be this stubborn -- but they haven't, and aren't going to change tack tomorrow at Stamford Bridge either.

We have to adapt a little bit but let’s be honest, any single player at Chelsea can make a difference. If you mark Costa, Eden Hazard could score. Or Willian. Or Oscar. It is always difficult to find balance and adapt to opponents strengths without restricting your own expression.

Source: Mail.

Yes, yes, I know. 'Mind games' and etc. But Wenger basically just said 'we will continue to be Arsenal because we don't like changing', which isn't so much trying to confuse the opposition as it is reaffirming a self-evident truth. The Gunenrs do have a chance to cause us problems on Sunday, but they constantly put themselves in a position to suffer, and we can expect them to go into the match with yet another handicap.

Not that I'm complaining.

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