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Mourinho on Fabregas: "I think he loves Chelsea already"

Julian Finney

Sure, this is another fluff piece from the official site, but at least it's a fun fluff piece. This time it's the manager on Cesc Fabregas, who's definitely set for a quiet weekend away from any media chat whatsoever:

I think he loves Chelsea already; the way he plays, the way he is a member of the squad, the way he lives in a little blue village. If you ask him if he regrets the move he would say no, if you ask him would say no, if you ask him where he sees himself for the next five years, he would say at Chelsea, so he’s completely committed to Chelsea.

He was a good player, I never thought about managing him. I was at Chelsea, he was at Arsenal, a rival. I was at Real, he was at Barcelona, a rival, so it never looked possible that he would become my player


Mourinho rarely lets things slip by accident, and you'd have to imagine that he was waiting for Arsenal's visit to Stamford Bridge to talk about how much their former captain now loves Chelsea. Winding up the media and opposition fans probably isn't part of any 'mind games' or anything, but it is funny, and the Special One is nothing if not a consummate troll.

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