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With arms wide open, Chelsea welcome back ex-player and fan Magnus Hedman for a visit

Once a Blue, always a Blue.

A lovely video, really, with our once-backup goalkeeper Magnus Hedman. Who's now apparently a pretty big fan (note the repeated use of "we" when referring to the Blues).

Hedman came to the club under the worst sort of circumstances, helping fill the void created by the head injuries to Petr Čech and Carlo Cudicini and to be Henrique Hilario's backup in 2006. While he never actually got on the pitch in a Chelsea shirt for any official minutes, he still speaks of coming back to the club for a visit (with his two sons in tow) as something that "feels like coming home." Here for less than a full season; treated like family. It's quite wonderful.

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By his own admission, Hedman -- who retired after the 2007 FA Cup final -- had some tough times following his last days with Chelsea. How professionals handle life after the lights are turned off and all the stress and the excitement is gone is not often talked about, and I'm sure Hedman is nowhere near the only one to struggle with this adjustment. But it's so nice to see him seemingly healthy and happy following his bouts with depression, drug addiction, and financial ruin.

Welcome back to the family, Marcus! Looks like it was a lovely day for you and yours and everyone else.

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