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Del Bosque has no regrets over his attempt to sabotage Chelsea's season

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David Ramos

Diego Costa hasn't featured for Chelsea since scoring the second goal in the Blues' 2-0 home win against Arsenal earlier this month, but he has played twice for Spain despite Jose Mourinho warning Vicente del Bosque that deploying the forward risked compromising his health. And, to the surprise of roughly nobody, his health was duly compromised.

What does the Spain manager have to say about all of this? Will he change his ways in response to Costa being out for two weeks after being called up? Will he hell:

We’ve had no luck with Diego. He didn’t join us at the best time and the injuries he had didn’t help him. In some things we are very flexible and in others stubborn, and in this we are stubborn.

Source: Telegraph.

Good to know that del Bosque is 'stubborn' on things like the health of players whom he's borrowing from a club team. Does he have money on Manchester City winning the Premier League or something? If a player's clearly not fit -- which Costa wasn't, and isn't, why call him up?

I don’t know if we are right or wrong, but if we hadn’t called up Costa for the national team we’d definitely have been criticised for not having done so.

Oh. Go [fun] yourself, Vicente.

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