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Arsenal boss praises Diego Costa

Julian Finney

Arsenal are famously terrified of Didier Drogba, and if their manager's reaction to our latest signing's form is any guide, we're well on their way to them talking about another Chelsea forward in hushed tones and with quaking feet. Yes, it's Arsene on Diego Costa:

He’s a very efficient player. The timing of his runs and his determination, his killing determination - you feel he’s a killer. He has that in him.

He has done fantastically well. He has all the aspects of a striker that you like. He’s focused, always determined, ready for a fight and I’m very impressed. He has got players who can feed him like Cesc Fabregas and Eden Hazard, who can find him with final passes. I just hope he can dis-adapt on Sunday.

-Source: Mail.

I'm not one to talk down another team's chances before a match, because I've never managed to lose the childish fear of jinxing everything I touch, but it sure does feel like Costa is going to do bad, baaaaad things to the Gunners on Sunday. I'm actually looking forward to it.

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