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Silly Season reminder: Sami Khedira's contract set to expire this summer

Denis Doyle

Let's get the obvious out of the way: this would be WAY more exciting if the papers were talking about how Paul Pogba's contract is set to expire this summer.  Alas, they are not.  (Because it expires next summer; thanks everybody!)  Still... Juventus must surely be working on the greatest contract extension of all time, considering they've been at it since at least January.  And a Pogba with just a year left on his contract next summer would be a very tasty proposition.  Anyway...

Back to Khedira.

After all the summer will-he/won't-he drama surrounding the 27-year-old German international (and World Cup winner), Khedira ended up staying in the Spanish capital but has hardly seen the pitch thanks mostly to a hamstring injury and then an unrelated knee injury and operation.  He's not even set to return until at least another month.

Ancelotti's decision not to cash in last summer is more than understandable, especially considering how unbalanced the rest of the squad is, but it has now stoked the fires of SpanishEnglish, and various online tabloids.  Undeterred by the fact that Khedira hasn't had an injury-free season since about the dawn of time, rumors of £10m bids coming in from the usual English suspects -- Manchester United, Arsenal, and now Chelsea -- are starting to swirl.

And unless Madrid extend Khedira's contract, this is only the beginning.  Hurray?

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