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Shrewsbury Town vs. Chelsea, League Cup: Second half thread

Michael Regan

It's a cold, rainy Tuesday night somewhere in England, do you know where your quality football has gone?

Ideal conditions for a huge upset, in all honesty, and appropriately enough, it's been a low-quality, high tempo game.  Except for the few times Chelsea attempted to pass short between themselves for a while, which isn't an easy thing to do on a soaked pitch and with the ball throwing up rooster tails every time it rolls along it.

We have created a few chances once we decided to play a bit more directly, though Schurrle wasted the best opportunity by deciding to square the ball instead of heading into the open left side of the net.  In fact, Andre's first half performance overall has left much to be desired.  Others have been better, though Mo Salah's shooting has vacillated between hilarious and atrocious.

Didier Drogba did have the ball in the back of the net, but he was offside.  Petr Cech's was called upon a few times early (including a smart save on the line), but Shrewsbury have hardly threatened in the last 15-20 minutes.  Just have to actually score a goal.

So, more fun coming up!  We have to have a winner tonight, so this could get exciting.

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