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Cesc Fabregas 'really likes' working with Jose Mourinho

Jamie McDonald

Cesc Fabregas had some comments for The Daily Mail on Friday, indicating his preference for assisting big goals rather than banging them into the net himself. There was also this little bit at the end about working with Jose Mourinho, which caught my eye:

"At the start I found it tough in training with a coach like Mourinho, who is a bit more imposing. 'Be well-positioned. Drop off. Support the players behind you, do not lose the ball.' Now, I really like it."

For me, this is the most interesting thing that Cesc had to say. I'm not really al that concerned one way or the other if he prefers to score goals himself or set them up, but the fact that he's enjoying the training he's getting from Mourinho is a very good sign going forward. He's looked considerably more comfortable with his pivot responsibilities as this season has progressed, enough so that I'm no longer terrified of seeing him playing deep against sides like Manchester United who have loads of attacking talent.

Once it became clear that Fabregas was destined to partner Nemanja Matic in the pivot, how he adapted to the role was always going to be the key to Chelsea's success this season. With that in mind, I'm glad he's enjoying the coaching he's getting from Mourinho, as the impact it's having is obvious.

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