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All eyes on Saturday training to determine Diego Costa's availability for Manchester United game

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Laurence Griffiths

After all the drama, all the guesswork, and all the mind games, whether Diego Costa plays on Sunday or not has apparently all come down to one training session.

Diego Costa's presence will be determined by the final training session this afternoon [Saturday] at Cobham, immediately prior to the squad travelling north.

‘He has to train without limitation, do a complete training session with the other guys without protection,' stipulates Mourinho...

-source: Chelsea FC

Unless of course this is just further mind games and sideshows.  Yo Van Gaal, we heard you like mind games, so we put a mind game in our mind game, so you can mind game while you mind game.  J to the M!

The Manchester United manager already admitted to divining the truth with his third eye (i.e. the Internet), thus rendering himself impervious to Jose's silly little games.

"I think Costa will play.  He can play maybe because of what I have heard and what I have read on the websites that he has trained this week.  I also have my eyes open!"

-Louis van Gaal; source: Telegraph

Oh well done, Louis.  You've figured it all out thanks to some strong Google-fu; that third eye wide open.  Such cunning!  The Internet never lies.

Actually, in this case, I sure hope he's right.

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