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Bob Bradley urges patience with Mohamed Salah

Martin Rose

Mohamed Salah hasn't seen a ton of minutes this season, but former United States and Egypt coach Bob Bradley still thinks that Chelsea is the right place for him to be. Bradley had the following to say about his former player, via King Fut:

"I talked to Mourinho about Mohamed Salah and he told me that he is a good player and that Chelsea is the right place for him to be. He added that he needs to be patient and that he wants him at Chelsea. When your coach is Jose Mourinho and he says strong words about you, you should be patient. You could leave for another team but you should stay at Chelsea and learn from this coach."

"People should also back Salah because he is facing a big challenge of imposing himself at Chelsea. They shouldn’t always make him feel bad about not playing a lot but instead support him in order to grab his chance when it comes."

I suppose it's easier to say things like this when no longer having a personal stake n the player's current form, but I wish more international managers would take this sort of view on their players. Playing for a manager like Mourinho as well as alongside teammates like Eden Hazard, Oscar, and Cesc Fabregas can only be good for the long term development of the player. He may not ever pan out in a Chelsea shirt, but if he winds up moving on without eventually making a name for himself, it's hard to imagine that he won't be a better player because of the experience.

Regardless, with a League Cup match against Shrewsbury coming very quickly after a huge match against Manchester United, it's likely we'll get another start from Salah very soon. Here's hoping it's a good one.

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