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Nathaniel Chalobah is 'good to go' after making full recovery from throat fracture

Christopher Lee

On the giant list of injuries one might expect to receive on a football pitch, fractured larynx (i.e. throat) has got to be pretty far down.  Conversely, on the list of potentially quite scary injuries one might ever have a chance of receiving on a football pitch (or in any sport, really, not involving two or four wheels), fractured larynx has got to be pretty high up.  Ex-NHL player Trent McCleary comes to mind as an almost worst case scenario.  In light of that, Nathaniel Chalobah's fairly non-chalant description of his diagnosis and recovery is almost hilarious.

"I just got a whack in my throat and fractured the cartilage in my throat.  The doctor said it needed two weeks to heal with no contact, so I couldn't be involved with the Under-21s.  But everything's fine now. I've got another scan on it but I'm good to go."

-Nathaniel Chalobah; source: FA

Oh, is that all?  Just a whack and some fractured cartilage (of which there are several pieces in the throat, including what's commonly known as the Adam's apple)?  No big deal.

Chalobah played 10 minutes last weekend as Burnley lost to West Ham United and he will be hoping for more involvement this weekend as the struggling Clarets (joint-worst attack in the league with Aston Villa) host slightly struggling Everton (and their second-worst defense) on Sunday.  Go on, Nat!

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