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Diego Costa's chances of playing against Manchester United aren't looking good either

Julian Finney

In the public portion of Saturday's post-match press conference (i.e. when the cameras were rolling), Jose Mourinho already ruled Diego Costa out of tomorrow's match against Slovenian side NK Maribor in the Champions League.  The manager then elaborated a bit more on the striker's injury status in the UK dailies-only portion of the press conference, with those quotes getting embargoed until Sunday (as is standard procedure).  And it's not good news.

The Chelsea manager said Costa had "little, very little [chance]," of playing against United. "I say Maribor, no chance; Man United, very little - but very little," he said.

-source: Independent

Not just very little, but very little.  More like one out of a million rather than one out of a hundred?  So you're telling me there is chance of Costa playing?!  YEAH!

In all seriousness, unless Mourinho's pulling another long con, this is not good.  Not good at all.  Loïc Rémy (or even Didier Drogba or Dominic Solanke) might suffice for Maribor, but we'll need all of our assorted weaponries against an improving Manchester United side, especially at Old Trafford.  Quick, get Diego to the nearest bacta tank, stat!

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