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Cech gives Courtois some valuable tips on protecting his head

Clive Rose

When Thibaut Courtois went down after being run over by Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez, many Chelsea fans had flashbacks involving the man he's replaced between the Chelsea sticks. Petr Cech was once involved in a horrific incident involving Stephen Hunt, and had some advice for Courtois about protecting his most valuable asset:

‘He told me that in the Premier League, maybe some strikers really go in against the keepers, so sometimes it is better to protect your head, to go down quicker and with your back or your shoulder protecting your head. That was a tip he gave me and it’s good because, when you come into a new league sometimes things are different.'

‘In Spain there is more organisation, maybe more football, while here maybe some teams are going quicker with the long ball and rushing it to the front. It’s maybe more physical here and maybe the referees don’t whistle as quick as they do in Spain.’

I don't think anyone expected anything less from Cech, but it's still great to see the old guy giving the kid some solid advice. Hopefully, Courtois decides to follow Cech's example and adopt the helmet as well. Givin the frequency with which keepers get kicked in the head, it just makes too much sense.

Seriously Thibaut, wear the helmet.

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