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Grumpy Palace fans make silly banner for us to laugh at

Crystal Palace's fans managed to get more shots at Chelsea than their team did today, which is amusing in its own right. And their biggest shot of all was this impressive* banner decrying the influence of Roman Abramovich's money.

*Read: not impressive at all.

CLASS indeed. And we'll certainly concede that Roman's riches could certainly have been put to better use in London. It could, for instance, have been invested in the schools of southeast London in order to better educate the denizens of Selhurst Park on proper apostrophe usage. Or even lessons in how to make punchier rhetoric, or verb tenses, or ... oh hell, I'll let John Cleese do this for me.

Romani ite domum indeed. Meanwhile, Chelsea themselves go home with three points, so that's nice. Top work on the banner, lads. Class!

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