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Loic Remy scored a goal

Matthias Hangst

We've neglected to mention that something positive did happen on Tuesday from a Chelsea angle.  Unsurprisingly, it did not involve illness (like in the case of André Schürrle) nor did it involve politics, violence, and shameful scenes (like in the case of Branislav Ivanović and Nemanja Matić).  What it did involve was quality football, good movement, and a simple, confident finish not ballooned over the bar.

It could've been ever better for Rémy just a few minutes later, but his curling shot around the defender and the goalkeeper found only the harsh far post.

France would go on to win 3-0 in the friendly against Armenia, with André-Pierre Gignac and Antoine Griezmann completing the scoring in the second half.  While I did not personally watch the game, it's lovely to see Rémy in sharp form in at least these two highlights.  A Diego Costa firing on all cylinders and backup up by the speedy sniping of Rémy?  Yes, please.

P.S.: Since this was France and France means and Pogba and Pogba means fluttering hearts, here are some of his highlights from last season for ya.  You're welcome.

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