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The Daily Hilario: In no rush

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans. Oh sure, take your time, international break, there's no rush to get back to interesting football. No rush at all...

Mark Thompson


Finally got around to watching the movie Rush today (thanks, HBO!) and I must say, I don't think it was very good.  I'll say this real quiet-like as it has gotten good reviews and ratings, and I don't want to cause any trouble, but it really didn't work for me at all.  Maybe I knew too much of the story (i.e. the real version) and too much of the real Formula 1?

Sure, it was slick and smooth and both Lauda and James Hunt were well acted by the German dude and Thor (lovely hair and smile, elder Hemsworth), but the racing sequences were highly stylized and looked fake, the story jumped around without properly explained motivations and character relationships, and it just all felt a little... puts on sunglasses... rushed.


But no, seriously.  It was a bit crap.  Disappointing.  This (the '76 season) is such a tremendous story in real life, full of intrigue, politics, racing, technology, weather, tragedy, redemption, friends and enemies, and this movie did it almost zero justice.  It did redeem itself with the final monologue a tiny bit, which is where the 'almost' comes from.


Favorite new browser (Chrome) extension: Earth View from Google Maps.  Basically, every time you open a new tab (which I do a lot), instead of a blank page or the most visited sites or favorites or recents (none of which do I ever use), it shows a random Google Earth satellite image.  It's way cool.  I've traveled around the world from Bahrain to Egypt to Antarctica just today!

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
11.45:  Int'l Friendly:  Japan vs. Brazil
13.00:  Int'l Friendly:  Hong Kong vs. Argentina
17.00:  Int'l Friendly:  Armenia vs. France
17.00:  Euro U21 Qualifying playoff:  Croatia U21 vs. England U21 (1-2 agg.)
19.45:  Euro 2016 Qualifying:  Germany vs. Ireland
19.45:  Euro 2016 Qualifying:  Poland vs. Scotland
19.45:  Euro 2016 Qualifying:  Denmark vs. Portugal
19.45:  Euro 2016 Qualifying:  Serbia vs. Albania
01.00 (next day):  Int'l Friendly:  USA vs. Honduras

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