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Wenger apologises, claims he never entered Chelsea technical area

Richard Heathcote

Arsene 'why would I apologise?' Wenger has now apologised to Jose Mourinho for shoving the Chelsea manager during the Blues' increasingly-hilarious 2-0 win at home against the Gunners last weekend:

They gave too much importance to this story. In hindsight I think I should not have reacted at all, it’s not a way to behave on a football field.

I always regret any signs of violence and I apologise, but that’s a part of games where everything is manic. And then we have quite a substantial past. Did Mourinho provoke me? That is how I felt. I did not enter Chelsea’s technical area.

Source: Guardian.

First of all, let's check out a quote from a week ago, with some added emphasis.

What is there to regret? I wanted to go from A to B, and somebody confronted me before B without any sign of welcome. B was Sánchez, to see how badly he was injured. Honestly, I don’t listen to what he says. Push him? You would know if I really tried to push [him]. Come on.

Source: Guardian.

This matches up well with 'I always regret any signs of violence' and Wenger feeling as though Mourinho provoked him, doesn't it? Perhaps the idea that he didn't really have the moral high ground has slowly percolated into Arsene's brain following the trauma of yet another loss to Chelsea.

And as for the "I did not enter Chelsea's technical area" it might technically be true, if only because there's a big gap between the technical area and the pitch which Wenger merrily stomped through. What amuses me most about all of this is that the man is resolutely denying that Mourinho gets to him when he's actually affected so badly by the Portuguese that he goes a bit mad.

As for Mourinho, he must love that he can break Wenger's focus mid-match. Arsenal need a manager, not a specialist in technical areas.

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