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Mourinho was so impressed by Rui Patricio that he had to swear at him

[fun] you, evening-nearly-ruiner!
[fun] you, evening-nearly-ruiner!
Julian Finney

While the match against Sporting on Tuesday night wasn't perfect -- only being 1-0 up meant that it was more difficult to rest players for the weekend's match against Arsenal than would really be ideal -- it went well enough for Jose Mourinho to be happy with the performance. But the most impressive player on the pitch wasn't wearing a Chelsea kit: the hosts' goalkeeper, Rui Patricio, was probably the difference between a comfortable win and the result we ended up with.

Naturally, Mourinho went over to praise him immediately after full time, showering him with ... expletives?

I'm not going to repeat the words because they'd be censored. It was something to do with spoiling the evening, spoiling the night. There were great saves from Patricio. Games like this can end up 4-0 or 5-0, but it ended up 1-0 and a well managed goal.

Source: Mail.

I'd take suggestions for what he actually said in the comments if I knew that wasn't going to go horribly wrong, but this is still funny no matter how it's framed. The goalkeeper so good that Mourinho had to swear at him to show his admiration.

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