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Courtois future to be decided in March

Michael Regan

It's pretty fantastic for Chelsea to have two top-class goalkeepers on the books, in theory. In practice it leads to an awful lot of questions, and while all of the possible answers are positive, it's still a pain to navigate. With Petr Cech manning the sticks at the big club and Thibaut Courtois currently demolishing La Liga, the Blues are going to have to do some juggling, and that's going to lead to lots of quotes.

Such as this one:

About my future, I cannot wait much longer. I need to make a decision with Chelsea as soon as possible, in March, but at the moment I do not really want to talk because there are so many games and you must be focused.

-Thibaut Courtois. Source: AS via ESPN.

I know parsing the wording of a translated quote is extraordinarily hazardous, but my gut feeling is that 'a decision with Chelsea' is fairly positive. Obviously there are a number of possible outcomes here, and Courtois being sold isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility, but the probable sounds more like 'Courtois replaces Petr Cech next year, gets a contract extension' and 'Courtois goes out on loan again, gets a contract extension'.

So far, this isn't news. But the mention of March seems new, and that's the takeaway from these series of quotes. Whatever happens with Courtois' future, we'll know well before the end of the season.

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