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Chelsea own half of the world's best goalkeepers, according to the IFFHS

An organization impressive in name but unknown in qualifications has seen fit to declare Cech & Courtois among the world's four best goalkeepers.

Clive Rose

The International Federation of Football History and Statistics, the IFFHS proclaims a lofty charter, an honorable mission, and the blessings of FIFA.  I haven't decided if that actually makes them worthy of our attention, but this story is making the rounds today (and crashing their small-timey official website), so we might as well talk about it for a minute.  It helps that the story reflects well on Chelsea.

In this, the 27th edition of their World's Best Goalkeeper of the (calendar) Year award, they have elected Bayern's Manuel Neuer as the world's number one.  Hardly surprising; although, after giving it to Iker Casillas in each of the last five years, it's nice to see them (whoever 'them' may be) vote more sensibly.  Second place for 2013 goes to Gianluigi Buffon, his 14th year of being named in the top five.

More interesting than all that are the third and fourth placed choices, who are Petr Cech and Thibaut Courtois, respectively.  This marks the seventh time Cech's been named in the top three, winning once in 2004.  Courtois makes the list for the first time.

So basically, half the world's best goalkeepers (arbitrary cutoff at the four 'best') are owned by Chelsea.  Sweet!

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