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Derby County vs. Chelsea, FA Cup: Second Half Thread

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Michael Regan

After a hectic opening fifteen minutes, the match has settled into that ol' favorite of one team parking the bus (Derby) and the other trying to break it down (Chelsea).

Unfortunately, our passing has often been too slow and too predictable, and our best chances have come from long shots that have missed by inches from Ramires and Oscar. Somewhere in there, Eto'o managed to dally on that ball when put through 1-v-1 by Mikel and didn't even get a shot off. And just before the half, Ramires managed to hit the post.

Derby, because they're the underdogs, will be praised for their defensive solidity and shape.

So, 45 minutes to decide it, lest we add another game to the schedule with a replay at Stamford Bridge. Let's not do that. But let's not lose either.