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Wallace's agent now denies that his Inter loan will be cut short

I really hope the agent is just being left out of the loop, because Wallace needs to get out of Italy as soon as possible

Only one wallace photo...sorry
Only one wallace photo...sorry
Thananuwat Srirasant

Earlier today, we had word from Gianluca Di Marzio that Wallace would be returned to Chelsea in short order. The player's agent, Federico Moraes, has quickly moved to deny those reports:

"I can say it’s not true. We have not received any call from Chelsea with this hypothesis, so he will remain until the end of the season at Inter."

"Are Inter unhappy with his performances? You’d have to ask them that. I think he’s in the normal adjustment period, as he hasn’t even been in Italy for six months. From now to June I’m convinced he’ll show his best form on the field."

"He is happy at Inter, very happy. He just hopes to play more often from now on."

Moraes was reportedly the one pushing for this idiotic move in the first place, while Chelsea wanted to take a much safer approach and loan the player to Vitesse Arnhem. Here's hoping that the two clubs are simply keeping the agent out of the loop this time, as frankly, he doesn't seem to be doing his client any favors.

This loan spell has done nothing for the player, and needs to be ended as soon as humanly possible. I don't really care if the agent is involved before the clubs reach that conclusion or not, just get the player out of there and find him a club where he'll play.

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