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Ridiculous rumour has Chelsea making late bid for Diego Costa

This is a public service announcement: Ignore the Diego Costa rumour

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

The Metro are reporting that Chelsea will be shocking the planet tonight with a very late £30 million bid for Atletico Madrid striker Diego Costa. It would certainly be a spectacular consummation to the the rumours that the Blues are interested in picking up the striker, and, if true, would drastically change the Premier League picture. The only problem is that it's really hard to see it being true.

So if you read the story and got your hopes up -- sorry, but I'm going to deflate them. There's almost no chance of this happening, and to me it smells like a pre-written piece that got scheduled for after Chelsea's press conference for no reason. Jose Mourinho has said that the club will not be bringing in any more first-team players this window, and hinted at a big splash come summertime. Both would contradict the idea of the Blues going after Diego Costa now.

I'm never going to rule a rumour 100 percent in or 100 percent out, but this one is as close to the latter as possible.

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