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Chelsea vs. West Ham: Second Half Thread

Ian Walton

Well, it's been a bit of a toil.  But that happens sometimes when you play against Sam Allardyce's men.  Kick, kick, hoof, kick, time waste, kick, kick, and kick some more... and I don't mean the ball always.

The weather isn't helping the proceedings either, the slick surface making for extra sloppy passes (I see you, Willian friend) and general play.  To make matters worse, Chelsea are looking a bit slow in possession and finding it extra frustrating to break down the West Ham walls of four.  Eden Hazard is marked by at least three at all times.  Oscar and Eto'o both had decent chances however.

It may be a bit frustrating, but we just have to stay patient and the breakthrough will come.  The only way West Ham seem capable of scoring is through a set piece or a major error, so just keep up the effort and the concentration and we'll have three points in the bag easy.

(Alternatively, we could just score one of the set piece, like John Terry almost did there at the end.)

Three points.  Champagne.  UP THE BLUES!

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