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Get to know Dr. Carneiro

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Dr. Eva Carneiro is one of the most visible non-playing figures at Chelsea Football Club. As the first-team doctor, she sits on the substitutes bench with Jose Mourinho and races out with the medical staff whenever there's an injury, which means we get to see a lot of her on television. She's also kind of awesome.

In the video above, she talks about her less high-profile duties, what it's like to work for a huge football club like Chelsea, and the challenges female professionals face. The notion of getting past the view of female doctors as hyper-sexualised and getting off with Tom Cruise was an amusing barb that seemed to me directed towards the portions of the Chelsea-supporting internet who've never worked up the courage to talk to a woman; the point of encouraging young women to believe that they can live a happy and productive professional lives is an important one that I'm glad Dr. Carneiro is emphasising.

Anyway, Chelsea have a badass doctor who gets fanmail from girls who want to grow up to be like her. That's pretty cool.