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Lucas Piazon gives us some insight into how Chelsea guide their loanees

Stanley Chou

The big news from Lucas Piazon's chat with Lancenet will be... well, it won't be news at all. He doesn't know where he's going to end up next year, which makes sense because nobody does. He might be ready for Chelsea; he might go on loan again (the Bundesliga sounds pretty good). But while the complete lack of information is going to be the headline, I actually found another excerpt far more interesting:

Chelsea have staff just to follow the loaned players, they always send emails telling me what I am doing right, wrong, what I have to improve. They send a summary about that, with my strengths and weaknesses, they are always following my progress.

Source: Lancenet via Sky Sports.

I don't keep up with our loanees as much as some, so this was a neat little insight into the process of how Chelsea track and guide their youngsters. Piazon is developing into a real gem, and the club is keeping a close watch on him -- the much was obvious, but I didn't realise exactly how they did it. It's kind of cute imagining him going back to his apartment and poring over emails from coaches, but whatever he's doing, it seems to be working.

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