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Mourinho can't see Courtois remaining at Atletico next year

The Chelsea manager didn't get too deep into transfer speculation, but confirmed what most of us already believed

Denis Doyle

Jose Mourinho spoke to the media ahead of Chelsea's Wednesday game with West Ham, and naturally, some transfer-related questions were asked. When asked about Wayne Rooney and his negotiations with Manchester United, the boss politely refused to talk about another team's player. He did the same on Diego Costa when asked about some of the recent rumors, but did have some short answers to give when pressed on the future of Thibaut Courtois.

When asked if he could picture Courtois remaining with Atletico beyond this season, Jose responded with a simple "no" and a shake of his head. He also reiterated several times that Courtois is a Chelsea player, and did not get into to any future plans the club may have for him.

As we pointed out yesterday, a swap deal involving Courtois would be far more complicated than simply meeting the buyout in Diego Costa's contract, and Atleti are unlikely to even consider a bid of less than that amount. This whole thing was a non-story to begin with, so let's hope that Mourinho's comments have put this one to bed.

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